Siphiwo Ndlovu (formally known as Siphiwo Samkelo Ndlovu) is from Durban, South Africa and sometimes presents himself as an innovator seeking investment money

. At times, he can also pose as a potential investor to steal valuable ideas from their creators. Unfortunately, he has performed this scheme time and time again.

Legal authorities in Durban have been notified, but to no avail. Therefore, it was best to use the best form of communication today to help get the word out to those who could be what he sees as his next victim to fund his lifestyle that he can’t realistically afford to live himself.

If such an individual was as experienced, and professional as he portrays they’d already be highly successful.

But yet we have something rotten in the bottom of the shark tank, and he is none other than Siphiwo Samkelo Ndlovu himself

. You can call it unbelievable, or you can take this announcement for what it’s worth…it’s time for Siphiwo Samkelo Ndlovu to be held accountable for his actions.

You can fine Siphiwo Samkelo Ndlovu in the world of investments (Forex is his favorite)

. He is responsible for defrauding people around the world for hundreds of thousands of dollars (which could lead to millions if he’s not stopped). He doesn’t care who he hurts, all he cares is that he gets the cash in his hand without worrying about producing the results that he promised.


If you encounter this individual, let him know that his scam is over because it is now ludicrous for him to continue getting away with these. If the regulatory authorities refuse to prosecute him for his fraudulent activities, he shall continue to be exposed.

This is the opinion of the author and is not intended to be formal legal advice. It’s simply a summary of situations that Siphiwo Samkelo Ndlovu has been exposed for thus far.

Samkelo Ndlovu (Durban native) has been flying high in the sky, just to catch another one on his next big lie. Lies that have scammed many out of over $XXX,XXX dollars. Since he doesn’t seem to be stopping, a group has come together to expose Samkelo Ndlovu of Durban and what he’s been up to. We’ll try to keep this updated until justice is brought to Samkelo Ndlovu (if it ever is, God only knows).

The latest scam that has been reported by an investor who will remain confidential in order to protect their identity. Samkelo Ndlovu, Durban citizen, scammed the investor out of OVER $50,000 USD after the investor already allotted resources to Samkelo Ndlovu for the business concept that was presented.

Yes, due diligence was done, but we have come to know that many investors and businesspeople have been defrauded of their money by Samkelo Ndlovu but they didn’t come forward until we started soliciting for those who have done business with this particular individual in the past.


Here’s a brief summary of Samkelo Ndlovu for those that are interested.

  • Samkelo presents a wide array of business concepts that seem like a great investment, but then just skates off with the money like it never happened.
  • Samkelo Ndlovu recycles his presentations constantly, thus reselling the “fake business venture” over and over to different people. Investors aren’t getting what they think they are when they invest with Samkelo Ndlovu of Durban.
  • Samkelo Ndlovu claims to be a Forex genius, but in reality he rips off the concepts from unsuspecting entrepreneurs who didn’t protect their I.P. like they should have.

As you can see, Samkelo Ndlovu (Durban resident) has been on a spree, even though authorities have been notified he continues to defraud people to this day. We shall update this information as more becomes available, but unfortunately this is all that has been released thus far.