Samkelo Ndlovu (South Africa native) has went above and beyond what’s moral and right. He has been reported, but unfortunately the legal process makes it difficult for him to be officially tried for defrauding companies, investors, and business people all around the world from his home in Durban, South Africa.

When you meet Samkelo Ndlovu of South Africa, you feel like you’ve met a warm and responsible individual. He works hard to gain your trust and knows what to say each and every time. It’s for this reason that the investor who made this exposure possible invested with him in the Forex market. This was the start of something very nasty and harmful.

A large sum of money was sent to Samkelo Ndlovu in South Africa as a form of investment into his business venture that he executed flawlessly. This is when Samkelo Ndlovu of South Africa showed his true colors which led to this exposure of his actions to those that it can help protect.

He refused to answer Skype messages, phone calls, and other forms of communication from the investor (and eventually the investor’s legal team as well). Authorities were contacted, but international trade makes it difficult to prosecute him fairly and quickly so it spawned the launch of the truth about Samkelo Ndlovu of South Africa for the world to see, without any restrictions in place.

Thankfully we can freely share this information, and if you have any dealings with Samkelo Ndlovu in South Africa, feel free to share it with others (just remember to leave out confidential information). The sooner that we stop investing into the fraudulent behavior of Samkelo Ndlovu, the sooner he can no longer do any harm to unsuspecting individuals who worked hard for what they have.

Forex innovator

Samkelo Ndlovu claims to be a renowned Forex innovator, but unfortunately he is far from that. He has led many investors into his “concepts” giving them hopes of a quality ROI that only a “game changer” can provide. Investors have come to find out that his supposed great ideas are just a scheme he has concocted in order to part people from their hard-earned money.

Samkelo Ndlovu (Forex scammer) has been involved in fraudulent transactions (most of which are 5-figures or more) where investors were completely misled. Unfortunately, legal authorities can only do so much and he’s still presenting these schemes to unsuspecting investors. When it was discovered that he was up to his old ways, there was only sense in making it known publically that he is an untrustworthy individual to do business with, whether you’re an individual or investor.

He has already proven that his ways are nothing but deceptive, and unfortunately it has cost investors hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not to mention, he also poses as an investors to get over on unaware entrepreneurs by stealing their concepts and pawning it off to others as his own. On all fronts he has found a way to exploit what’s right and had proceeded to do so.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, or investor who has come across Samkelo Ndlovu (Forex scammer) please proceed with caution. The best solution is to turn the other way unless you’re willing to risk become being taken for what you’ve worked hard to build. After all, upon research and analysis it has been proven that being unethical is simply something that he has come to expect which is far from a good thing for anyone in the world of business to have.


The situation that has arose between an investor (whose identity is being withheld in order to protect their identity) will be referred to from here forward as the Samkelo Ndlovu Scam. It gains its name from the fraudulent individual who has deceived many investors and entrepreneurs over the course of the past few years.

The deep investigation into Samkelo Ndlovu was spawned by an investor who lost an extremely large sum of money from one of the ideas they were presented with by Samkelo Ndlovu. He used the partnership opportunity as a way to pad his own pockets and live a life that he couldn’t afford when he presented the business concept to this particular investor.

You can find some of the photos of this fraudulent lifestyle online, but he tends to keep a lot of it private (probably to avoid being caught in his web of destruction). Unfortunately the lifestyle that he claims to live is funded by unsuspecting people from all around the world who have been deceived by his practices. All just for trust someone who seemed to be an expert thanks to his presentation of the Samkelo Ndlovu Scam.

This is meant to serve as an investor warning, but we know that it’s going to reach so many more people that are also proposed to by Samkelo Ndlovu. Please don’t fall for the Samkelo Ndlovu Scam like many other have already. He’s already scammed investors out of hundreds of thousands of dollars and innovators out of their breakthrough ideas. Sometimes he presents as an innovator needing funding (or venture capital) and sometimes he poses as a potential investor just to gain access to ideas that were churned out by others.

Whatever the case may be, proceed with caution (or don’t proceed at all) as he is on the prowl for his next victim in the Samkelo Ndlovu Scam.


Samkelo Ndlovu is a citizen of South Africa, residing in Durban who seeks out investors only in an attempt to part them for their money without any intentions on generating the results that he has promised them. One of the most notable situations that has helped prove the intentions of Samkelo Ndlovu (scammer) is where he lured in an investor with an opportunity in which $50,000 USD was invested. After receiving the investment, he attempted to “vanish without a trace.”

Upon deceiving the investor of $50,000 it was decided that Samkelo Ndlovu (scammer) needed to be checked into even more. This was when it was found out that he was attempting to lure in other investors into an investment opportunity after he already took the investment money and attempted to disappear. Unfortunately this is only proof that Samkelo Ndlovu (scammer) is going to continue to commit wrongdoings among the investment community.

It’s with this in mind that this page was written, because he needs to be stopped (even if the authorities drag their feet in pursuing the fraudulent schemes of Samkelo). Not to mention, investors shall be protected from being scammed like others have already been by this individual. It’s with great hope that others find this pages upon research Samkelo Ndlovu (scammer) before they get taken for their money as well.

For reference, yes this person has been reported to multiple people holding authority in Durban, South Africa but to no avail Mr. Samkelo Ndlovu (scammer) is still up to his deceptive practices. Fortunately we have the right to make this information available to the public so they can uncover his scandalous ways before they fall into a trap they may not be able to get out of.

*The investor’s name has been withheld to ensure that their confidentiality is protected.