Why’s there not an official Samkelo Ndlovu Biography?

Samkelo Ndlovu claims to be a Forex guru and highly successful entrepreneur who does nothing but drive around in a Bentley with a stack of cash. However, if he was so successful than why does he hardly have any information made public?

Wouldn’t he blog about how he did it so others can follow in his footsteps? Wouldn’t he do a little bit of personal branding to uphold his image as a revolutionary tech leader? Well, the answer is finally right here in front of your eyes…

Samkelo Ndlovuv

Samkelo Ndlovu is from Durban, South Africa and has been playing around in the Forex industry for quite some time. He has since ventured into countless other industries to expand the reach of his scam artist schemes. Wait, what did we just say? Did we just say Samkelo Ndlovu is a scam artist? Yes, and it doesn’t come easily…

After doing some research into the network of Samkelo Ndlovu, it was found that he has ripped off tons of investors from a wide array of countries across the globe. The investor who spawned this investigation had got took for a large sum of money that has been unrecoverable. He wanted others to be aware of the situation he found himself in when dealing with Samkelo Ndlovu.

Dealing with Samkelo Ndlovu is extremely risk, and unadvisable. Hopefully you found this before it was too late. If not, please share your story so we can get as much attention as possible to this scam artist as a preventive measure until he is brought to justice for his actions once and for all. Until then, we’ll keep exposing his scammy life.

And now you have it, that’s the Samkelo Ndlovu Biography.