Forex Expert

Siphiwo Samkelo Ndlovu claims to be an investor and Forex expert, but it’s under unfortunate circumstances that we have to inform you otherwise. Doing business with this individual isn’t advised, as he has scammed investors out of hundreds of thousands of dollars (it could end up being millions if he’s allowed to continue getting over on investors and entrepreneurs).

This article is written after a thorough investigation on Siphiwo Samkelo Ndlovu showing that he’s been doing this for quite some time now. It was sickening to find out how many he has gotten over on (we still receive reports on him from those continuing to come forward). You may ask why the authorities haven’t locked him up yet, but the truth is that it has been reported on numerous occasions and proved to be of no help.

He will solicit investments for his “ideas” (which at times ends up being a stolen idea) and then run with the money that he receives. You see his pictures that he does share (he keeps most things private these days as the heat gets turned up on him) and it shows him enjoying his stolen loot. It’s unfortunate that one has to live their life like this instead of implementing what he claims to be capable of but it is one of those unfortunate breaks in our society as we know it.

If you ever run across Siphiwo Samkelo Ndlovu, please run the other way before he sees you as his next prey. He has already went far enough and will be stopped, but until he is we shall continue exposing him for the thief and fraudulent individual that he truly is. You can find him running around Durban, South Africa which is where he calls home. He does travel frequently to lure in other unsuspecting investors and entrepreneurs.

Samkelo Ndlovu claims to be a renowned Forex innovator, but unfortunately he is far from that. He has led many investors into his “concepts” giving them hopes of a quality ROI that only a “game changer” can provide. Investors have come to find out that his supposed great ideas are just a scheme he has concocted in order to part people from their hard-earned money.

Samkelo Ndlovu (Forex scammer) has been involved in fraudulent transactions (most of which are 5-figures or more) where investors were completely misled. Unfortunately, legal authorities can only do so much and he’s still presenting these schemes to unsuspecting investors. When it was discovered that he was up to his old ways, there was only sense in making it known publically that he is an untrustworthy individual to do business with, whether you’re an individual or investor.

He has already proven that his ways are nothing but deceptive, and unfortunately it has cost investors hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not to mention, he also poses as an investors to get over on unaware entrepreneurs by stealing their concepts and pawning it off to others as his own. On all fronts he has found a way to exploit what’s right and had proceeded to do so.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, or investor who has come across Samkelo Ndlovu (Forex scammer) please proceed with caution. The best solution is to turn the other way unless you’re willing to risk become being taken for what you’ve worked hard to build. After all, upon research and analysis it has been proven that being unethical is simply something that he has come to expect which is far from a good thing for anyone in the world of business to have.