Samkelo Ndlovu A Fraud

Samkelo Ndlovu (South Africa native) has went above and beyond what’s moral and right. He has been reported, but unfortunately the legal process makes it difficult for him to be officially tried for defrauding companies, investors, and business people all around the world from his home in Durban, South Africa.

When you meet Samkelo Ndlovu of South Africa, you feel like you’ve met a warm and responsible individual. He works hard to gain your trust and knows what to say each and every time. It’s for this reason that the investor who made this exposure possible invested with him in the Forex market. This was the start of something very nasty and harmful.

A large sum of money was sent to Samkelo Ndlovu in South Africa as a form of investment into his business venture that he executed flawlessly. This is when Samkelo Ndlovu of South Africa showed his true colors which led to this exposure of his actions to those that it can help protect.

Samkelo Ndlovu

He refused to answer Skype messages, phone calls, and other forms of communication from the investor (and eventually the investor’s legal team as well). Authorities were contacted, but international trade makes it difficult to prosecute him fairly and quickly so it spawned the launch of the truth about Samkelo Ndlovu of South Africa for the world to see, without any restrictions in place.

Thankfully we can freely share this information, and if you have any dealings with Samkelo Ndlovu in South Africa, feel free to share it with others (just remember to leave out confidential information). The sooner that we stop investing into the fraudulent behavior of Samkelo Ndlovu, the sooner he can no longer do any harm to unsuspecting individuals who worked hard for what they have.

Samkelo Ndlovu is from Durban, South Africa and has put himself out to be a Forex master, but it has finally come to light (after he has been doing this for multiple years) that he isn’t what he claims to be. In fact, it’s all a shun designed to get into the pocketbooks of those that he crosses (he has no boundaries, he’ll even fly out if that’s what he needs to do to take care of what he calls “business” (which we highly disagree with since he has defrauded many and continues to do so).

One particular investor has made it their goal to put a stop to the disaster that Samkelo Ndlovu continues to contribute to. Legal authorities were notified, but due to his most recent actions and reports from others who have done business with him, it’s not doing any good. In an effort to help protect the money of those who consider him for anything, we continue to report on his latest mishaps and hope that one day he will become responsible and stop scamming those around him.

Upon first meeting Samkelo Ndlovu, one may find him to be a great person. He is extremely good knowing how to get people to perceive him as trustworthy. He seems like a savvy entrepreneur and Forex professional that knows what he’s doing, but it’s all designed to gain trust from those that he encounters so he can get the maximum amount of benefit from the relationship.

Hopefully this has found you prior to falling into the trap that Samkelo Ndlovu continues to set in place for many. We urge you to share your experiences with him and ask further questions, just get in touch with the webmaster of this page. Hopefully together we can finally stop Samkelo Ndlovu dead in his tracks, just like he deserves.