Contact Samkelo NdlovuI

WARNING: IT IS NOT ADVISED TO CONTACT SAMKELO NDLOVUL He resides in Durban, South Africa and has defrauded countless people.

Samkelo Ndlovu has already ripped off countless investors in multiple industries (including Forex) and continues to do so without any resistance. Legal authorities have been notified, but he continues to operate out of his home in Durban, South Africa living off of money he has ripped off during his ventures that were supposed to change the way things are done.

If you contact Samkelo Ndlovu after reading this public warning about his career as a scam artist, do so at your own risk. He hasn’t tried to make things right he has done wrong in the past, and his impact continues to become stronger each and every time.

He maintains contact through Skype, email, phone, and post as well as physical appearances when they may be required to pursue what’s only in his best interests. You see this kind of stuff every day, but the way that Samkelo Ndlovu has done things makes it one of a kind.

Hopefully you see the risk that people pose when they contact Samkelo Ndlovu. This is all based upon a personal experience which cost the investor mid five-figures in money that will probably never be recuperated due to the lack of cooperation with legal authorities.

You can also see Samkelo Ndlovu on forums related to Forex, and other moneymaking opportunities that online entrepreneurs tend to frequent. We could post his complete contact information, but we don’t want to do that since he is only bad news for those looking for ethical people to do business with. Hopefully it reached you in a time of need, and before it had a chance to do any irreparable damage.