The Samkelo Ndlovu Investment Scam

Be warned, Samkelo Ndlovu is not the genuine businessperson that he seems to be in the beginning, before you invest your hard-earned money with him. Many other investors with Samkelo Ndlovu have come forward proving that he has ripped off countless people worldwide.

It’s not normal for us to speak out like this unless we feel that it has a major impact on the investment community, which Samkelo Ndlovu does. He presents concepts and partnership opportunities that have investors craving what he “brings to the table.”

Instead of setting out and proving that he really is as successful as he says he is, he runs away with the investor’s money in hand. Now this isn’t just something that has happened just once or twice, but dozens of times already and the number is quickly increasing without resistance.

Legal authorities governing Mr. Samkelo Ndlovu have been notified, but no progress has been made making it necessary for us to do our part to preserve the investment community that we’ve been grateful to be a part of.

For those who have already been a victim of the Samkelo Ndlovu investment scam, you’re not alone and you need to share your story with as many people as possible. Hopefully together we can change the world to be accepted without the Samkelo Ndlovu investment scam being a part of it any longer.

This is simply an announcement from an affected investor of the Samkelo Ndlovu investment scam designed to help protect the investment community. These are their experience, and opinion. Any legal concerns need to be addressed with your counsel as soon as possible.